02.01.2015.......... Tehsil Municipal Administration Toba Tek Singh will celibrate , Eid Miladun Nabi (SAWW)  great religious fervour and esteem . All TMA Staff will participate in the program of Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) on 04.01.2015 in TMA Complex. Special duties of staff has been assigned. TMA complex is being decorated with lights of flags.....   The district administratiZeeshan Shabbir Rana  has assumed the charge of Administrator, Tehsil Municipal Administration Toba Tek Singh on 17.12.2014...............




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Toba Tek Singh Tehsil was formed in 1900 with Toba Tek Singh town as Tehsil Headquarter, under the administrative control of Jhang district. It was raised to the status of a sub-division in 1930 and district in 1982. After the implementation of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001, the headquarter sub division was given the status of TMA.

T.T. Singh is the headquarter of the district. To its north is Jhang at a distance of 29 km., to south Kamalia at a distance of 30 km., to east Gojra at 29 km. and to the west Shorkot at a distance of 29 km. T.T. Singh is situated to the west of Faisalabad and is connected with it both by road and railway. By rail, the distance from Faisalabad is 79 km. By road there are two routes, viz. Faisalabad-Samundari road and Faisalabad-Jhang road. The distance via both routes is almost equal (112 km).



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Welcome to Tehsil Municipal Administration Toba Tek Singh. The basic and prime function of this administration to provide best facilities to all citizens at their doorstep without any discrimination. Community of Tehsil Municipal Administration Toba Tek Singh will have access to clean drinking water.

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